Volunteers for Inter-Valley Animals (VIVA)



Phone Numbers


(805) 735-6741


VIVA operates a no-kill, cage free cat shelter in Lompoc that houses between 100 - 150 cats and kittens in open rooms and patios furnished with climbing trees, cuddly beds and cubbies in a warm and loving environment.
VIVA also operates Sylvester House, a retirement facility for older cats whose owners have either passed away or who can no longer care for their cats. There is a one time donation of $5,000 to place a cat at Sylvester House where the cat will live out its life with full care.

VIVA also maintains a Feral Cat Sanctuary in the hills outside of Lompoc. When feral cats have been trapped and neutered, if there is no appropriate feral colony for them to return to, they may be placed at the sanctuary. It is a six-acre secure enclosure that is shaded with oak trees and features many feeding stations. To offset the expense, the cats can be sponsored for $25 per month.
VIVA runs an outreach dog adoption program with the help of foster homes that house the dogs until they find a permanent home.

Address Listings


133 North D Street
Lompoc, 93436

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